Customized Audio PC

PCAudioLabs is a different sort of boutique system builder out of Chatsworth, CA.  While so many custom computer systems you see here are targeted toward gamers and mainstream users, the folks at PCAudioLabs, you guessed it, cater to musicians, both professional and amateur, as well as production studios and educational institutions. There aren’t many system builders


Kingston stopped by our studio one day to find out more about how their HyperX memory benefits audio production.  They put together this great little video to share their experience with you.


“We call our systems MCs — Music Computers — not PCs,” says Greg Butler, managing director of PCAudioLabs. “A general-purpose PC can handle a lot of tasks very well, such as running spreadsheets, using email or browsing the Internet. However, they’re not built from the ground up to handle the special needs of musicians and


Gregory Butler of PCAudio Labs and Brandon Ryan give a demonstration of the new Rok Box MC x Series at SIGGRAPH 2011. These machines run on the latest Intel Core Processors and use Intel SSD technology.