Why are PCAudioLabs Computers better than others?

Why are PCAudioLabs Computers better than others?
It’s a common question; why is a PCAudioLabs PC better than a regular, off-the-shelf PC? There are myriad reasons, but let’s go through the top ones:
No bloatware. You know why Dell computers are cheap? Why Alienware (owned by Dell) is cheap? Pre-installed bloatware that is baked into your computer, that is hard to get rid of. Software companies rented out space on your hard drive, and you pay the price with less performance.  A non-tweaked, non-OEM version of Windows, which has no focus on ensuring that nothing gets in the way of the power of your system. Sub-par components that are cheap because they’re meant for office computers used to browse the web, not computers used to get real work done.
Better support. Call Dell or Alienware, HP, Lenovo, or any other PC manufacturer, and ask them to help you with a Pro Tools issue. Not gonna happen. Call us, and we have a team dedicated to pro audio hardware and software,  7 days a week, here to help with issues and training, via OBEDIA, our pro audio software and support training service. No one else has that. Our Team is all US based, and made up entirely of musicians, engineers, and technicians who understand pro audio hardware and software.
Better components. Dell, Alienware, HP, and etc. use proprietary hardware, which means you can’t replace or upgrade anything very easily. We use industry-standard components which have been picked and tested for pro audio and video production. This means that they are highly compatible with your hardware and software and highly trusted in the industry.
Cost and performance: Alienware & etc.are still expensive, and not made for pro audio production. Our systems are and are well-priced.
All of this is true of self-built computers, too; just because it’s cheap, just because some parts were cobbled together because someone on a web forum told you, “Yeah dude, get these parts and you’ll be fine”, does not mean you have a system that’ll properly run 40 instances of Native Instruments Kontakt in Pro Tools. In fact, it probably means that it won’t. We’ve been doing this for going on 16 years. That means we know what a computer needs in order to mean you turn it on, you open your software, and you start making something.
What’s your time worth? I would think a lot, as time is money. That means you want to get stuff done faster, right?
We have thousands of customers that will echo what I say; their previous systems, not built for pro audio, did not perform as well as their new PCAL computers. we’d very much like to see how much Dell has tested for DPC latency with respect to digital audio (They haven’t), and they can’t provide you the kind of support you need for pro audio applications.  We’d love to see any of the big box computer builders tell us how many tracks of 96KHz audio they can run in Cubase Pro 8.5 on their computers (they can’t) — whereas, we can tell you what our benchmarks are, and we can tell you how different audio interfaces work on different systems, how they affect your workload, why a core i5 CPU is different from a core i7 beyond simply, “Well, core i7 is faster because the number is bigger”.
You can see that our build configurations are more powerful, and better priced, than our competition, by going to our website.
When you are choosing a new PC to make music on, you want peace of mind. That’s why our slogan is, “PeaCe of Mind”. You’ll get the peace of mind you need, to get the job done and do it right.
Curious? Have questions? Call us at 615-933-6775, dial 2, then 1, to speak with a human being who will help you with your PC configuration.
We look forward to speaking to you!