PreSonus ADL 600 Tube Mic Preamp

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Designed with tube-circuit guru Anthony DeMaria; uses only the finest components; employs a Class A, discrete design with one 12AT7 and two 6922 vacuum tubes per channel and high-voltage power rails; variable mic-input impedance.

The World’s Finest Tube Preamplifier PreSonus ADL 600: 2-channel High-Voltage Tube Preamp

Designed with famed tube-circuit guru Anthony DeMaria, the PreSonus ADL 600 employs a Class A, discrete design with three vacuum tubes per channel and ±300V power rails for maximum headroom and superb tone. The 2U rack-mount preamp uses only the finest components, including custom-designed transformers; there are no op-amps or ICs in the signal path. The result is a world-class, ultra-low-noise preamp with a big, warm, smooth, clear, distinctive sound.

“Full-featured” barely begins to describe the ADL 600.
Beyond superb sound quality, the ADL 600 is special because of its flexibility and extensive features. Each of the two input channels has separate mic, line, and instrument inputs, and you can select among four mic-input impedances, so the preamp works great with any type of microphone. Each channel offers a balanced XLR line-level output. You get a highpass filter, +48V phantom power, polarity inversion, and a 20 dB pad, all controlled by big, sturdy, military-grade switches. Fast-acting, eight-segment LED meters accurately detect fast transients and peaks. Large, backlit analog VU meters display output levels, and a -6 dB switch lets you meter particularly hot signals.

The ADL 600 is indeed full-featured—and then some.PreSonus ADL 600 2-channel High-Voltage Tube Preamp Features

2 input channels, each with:
Mic, line, and instrument inputs
High-voltage, Class A, dual-transformer, vacuum-tube preamp
3 military-grade vacuum tubes
Input-source select
Variable mic-input impedance (150, 300, 900, 1,500Ω)
Variable high-pass filter (40, 80, 120 Hz)
8-position Gain switch
Variable Trim adjustment for final stage
48V phantom power
-20 dB pad
Polarity-reverse switch
Backlit VU meter (output level) with -6 dB switch (for metering hot signals)
> 73 dB of gain

2 unbalanced ¼” instrument inputs (front panel)
2 transformer-balanced XLR line inputs
2 transformer-balanced XLR mic inputs
2 transformer-balanced XLR line outputs

2U 19” rack-mountable, rugged steel chassis
Internal power supply with standard IEC connector
Chassis-ground link connectors (lift chassis ground)