Ableton Live Warping – PART 9: How to use REX Warp Mode in Ableton Live

This tutorial shows the user an in-depth explanation of How to use REX Warp Mode in Ableton Live. 

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This is part 9 of a 9 part series.

On a previous tutorial we explained the basic theory behind warping in Live. We also applied warping using Beats, Tones, Texture, Re-Pitch, Complex and Complex Pro mode. On this tutorial we will give the user a basic overview of the REX mode included in Live.

REX Mode is designed to work with REX files coming from Propellerhead’s ReCycle software.

This mode differs from all the modes explained previously because it is not available as an option from the Clip View’s Sample Box. Instead it is enabled automatically when loading a file in REX format.

REX files contain embedded tempo and timing information and will sync to the tempo of your Live Set just like any other audio file. This synchronization operation will happen automatically.

REX files are basically audio files, but they can be easily transformed into virtual instruments that the user can play by using the “Slice to New MIDI Track” function from the Create menu.

It is important to note that Warp Markers and their parameters, Clip Envelopes that affect the warping properties and the Clip Nudge controls, are NOT available when working with REX files.

At this point the user has successfully given a basic overview of REX Warp Mode. The tutorial has now finished.

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