PCAudioLabs Testimonials and Reviews

PCAudioLabs Testimonials and Reviews

Read PCAudioLabs Reviews and Testimonials from real users right here!

Cliff N -Newport Beach, CA
Thanks for everything, so far my new Rok Box is running great. It is super speedy and really really quiet. I am glad I found you guys.
Martin G - Quebec, Canada
I received my computer and interface last week and all is working fine. I'm very happy with it. It's time to make music! Thank you for all the help you gave me and thanks to team at PCAudioLabs.
Femi E - Falls Church, VA
Just wanted to say that, after using the computer now for over a month, I have found it to be simply a wonderful machine. It is so fast, so stable, so quiet - I now never have to even think about the computer and can focus on the music and nothing else! Incredible product, fantastic service. Well done and thanks so much!
Chuck A - Nashville, TN
Man, the new computer is really happening. I've been mixing and tracking with the new system and it just idles it's way through everything. Just feels instant.
Richard L - United Arab Emirates
Just want to let you know that the unit is perfect. It runs like a dream and you have a very satisfied customer who will promote the name of PCAudioLabs.
Kendal OTulsa, OK
I can’t tell you how great I appreciate your help and your company. I tell all of my friends about PCAL and how they should drop their over-rated Macs and get a custom PCAL computer, and anyone building a studio I suggest PCAL to them for all of their needs.
Michael B -Los Angeles, California
So I did it again . . . I recommended PCAudioLabs to (yet another) friend building a new facility . . . when I told him about the service that the guys at PCAudioLabs provide over the internet eliminating the need for shop visits or service calls he was knocked out . . . as am I.
Mike R
I went to Musicians Institute in LA in '83 (for drums) and have been playing in bands, recording, and doing live sound since then. So, needless to say, I have dealt with a few companies in my time, and PCAudioLabs have been nothing but Stellar!!!
Craig Anderton
I am still totally knocked out by the 8-core rackmount and the Rok Box Mobile. It's nice to have computers that simplify my life instead of complicate it. (And you can quote me on that.)
Michael E - Newark, DE
When planning to upgrade w/new computer & software, I looked extensively into every company providing such services. PCAudioLabs excelled in every aspect hands down, from the very best website to completion & cust. service. Thnx for being so helpful.
Mack J - Charlotte, NC
PCAudioLabs is the best place to purchase a DAW computer hands down! I compared several DAW PC builders and decided on PCAudiLabs. I'm glad I did. I've been enjoying my new system for a few weeks now and must say it's everything I wanted and more!
Brian H - Los Angeles, CA
I purchased 2 music computers, tons of software, & a pair of Blue Sky monitors from PCAudioLabs. I've been using the computers for several years now & have had no problems. They even gave me additional help with the software beyond expectation. Brian H - Los Angeles, CA
Paul DreifusMadison, WI
I have lived with my Rok Box for over two years and have been impressed with its performance and reliability. I would certainly replace it with another when that time comes. I spend more time on creativity and less on the technical stuff.
James Roth
Once again you "Rok" - your patience is awesome as well as your knowledge of your product. Its been humming along great now!