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Allan Parsons

Let's see...The Beatles, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Pink Floyd, The aptly titled "Alan Parsons Project", Grammy nominations, platinum records, the theme song for the NBA – and he's had a deathray named after him...quite possibly the coolest guy we know.

Buy his records – they'll make you smarter.

Dweezil Zappa

Dweezil Zappa is a composer, rock guitarist and audio engineer who — as the son of Frank Zappa — also happens to be a descendant of avant-rock royalty. As such, Dweezil is no stranger to the power of the imagination. When the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen, as the Zappa family's studio is known, needed an upgrade, the young Zappa chose AMD64 technology to do the job. Thanks to AMD64, Dweezil's studio is hardwired for creativity.


BT is the creative force currently driving digital songwriting and soundscaping in its evolution into the audio-visual-spiritual art-form that will define and inspire the human narrative of the 21st Century. He is re-mastering the obsolete soundtrack of our late analog planet, reassembling from the chaos of smashed bytes blurring our sampled lives a new paradigm of beauty for This Binary Universe.

Phil Ramone

With 33 Grammy nominations, 14 Grammy Awards, including a Technical Grammy for his lifetime of innovative contributions to the recording industry, an Emmy, and numerous honors and accolades to his credit, Ramone’s musical acumen and his use of audio technology are unmatched among his peers. Acknowledged as one of the top creative producers, Ramone has also played an integral role in pioneering many of the technological developments in the music industry over the years. He ardently supported the use of the compact disc, digital video disc, hi-definition recording and surround sound. Appropriately, the first CD ever pressed, Billy Joel’s 52nd Street, was a Phil Ramone production as was the first pop DVD release, Dave Grusin Presents West Side Story.

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