Through years of working closely with the top producers, engineers, musicians, sound designers, post-production professionals, composers and DJs, PCAudioLabs have built a pristine reputation of delivering the power, stability, and support necessary to facilitate the world's leading productions. Chances are if you've heard it or seen it, PCAudioLabs and OBEDIA helped make it happen.

Quality Assembly & Parts

They're just components, can't you just throw them together and you've got a computer? Well, some companies do that, but not PCAudioLabs. Since every computer system is custom tailored to the musician who will use it, a great deal of thought and care is put into assembly, with a focus on noise reduction, proper airflow, and durability in transportation. All components are thoroughly tested and re-tested for stability and performance.

Expert Installation

You've made a good decision to get your audio computer done right, by the pros. So why go halfway? Don't waste your time searching for the latest drivers and updates. Ensure flawless operation by having our expert team install them for you. Get three free installs then $25 per additional. Large Sound Libraries are $25 per install. Use the Request Customized Quote to let us know your setup.

Exceptional Service

Every musician knows what they want to produce, but do you know what it takes to make it happen? Will you have enough CPU power and RAM? What hard drives should you get? All of these are common questions, and all the answers are here at PCAudioLabs. All PCAL PCs include free lifetime phone and email tech support, meaning even after your hardware warranty has lapsed, you can still call us to get help with your PC.  Need help with your software? Call OBEDIA for one-on-one digital audio software training.

Chances are if you've heard it or seen it, PCAudioLabs & OBEDIA helped make it happen.

Solid Support

The software company says it's the hardware. The hardware company says it's the computer, the computer company asks if it's plugged in... You've heard it all before, and you don't care to hear it anymore. You want to make music, and you want to make music now. The OBEDIA support team doesn't just support a box of components, we support audio production on the PC.

Factory Restore Image

Ever buy a computer, and a year later it just doesn't seem to have the power it had before? Ever get a virus and have to reinstall Windows? The PCAudioLabs Factory Restore Image package takes the worry out of owning a computer. If it's not how it was when you first bought it, simply run the Factory Restore package and your computer will be just like new again.

Remote Desktop Assistance

Never fear, Remote Desktop is here! Your new PCAudioLabs computer includes our Remote Desktop support application, allowing our technicians to connect to your computer and help you past roadblocks you may encounter. It's like having a personal tech in your own studio! This support doesn't cost a penny and only requires a fast internet connection to hook up with our techs.

Professional Tweaks for Pro Audio

PCAL tweaks your Windows operating system with over 200 tweaks to enhance the performance of the operating system for Pro Audio Applications. We also tweak your hardware, motherboard firmware, RAM speed, CPU frequency, and even your fans, to ensure that your PC runs fast and quiet. We remove any unneeded Windows applications, and we never install any bloatware that you don't want on your PC.

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