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PreSonus ACP88: 8-Channel Compressor/Limiter/Gate

One of our all-time most popular products, the ACP88 delivers the classic analog compression that helped establish PreSonus as a leading signal-processor manufacturer. With eight independent, linkable, full-featured compressor/limiters and gates, each of which can operate at either +4 dBu or -10 dBV, the ACP88 can solve a host of thorny studio and live-sound problems. Each channel can be independently bypassed so you can audition signals with and without processing. And you can see at a glance what’s going on, thanks to a six-segment LED gain-reduction meter and pair of LEDs that indicate gate position (open/closed) and compression threshold (above/below).


PreSonus ADL 600 Tube Mic Preamp

Designed with tube-circuit guru Anthony DeMaria; uses only the finest components; employs a Class A, discrete design with one 12AT7 and two 6922 vacuum tubes per channel and high-voltage power rails; variable mic-input impedance.


PreSonus ADL 700 Tube Channel Strip

Presonus ADL 700 features a single-channel version of the award-winning ADL 600 Class A tube preamplifier, with one 12AT7 and two 6922 vacuum tubes, high-voltage power rails, and variable mic-input impedance; full-featured FET compressor/limiter; 4-band semi-parametric EQ; independent Microphone, Instrument, and Line inputs with Source Select.


PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL

The PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL. Two combo mic/instrument inputs and 6 combo mic/line inputs with high-headroom, Class A XMAX™ mic preamplifiers; near-zero-latency, computer-based dynamics processing, EQ, high-pass filter, delay, and reverb; ADAT I/O; BNC Word Clock Out; and Studio One® Artist DAW software. Can be used on stage as an 18×18 mixer with effects!


PreSonus AudioBox 22VSL

The PreSonus AudioBox 22 VSL lets you monitor with software-based, super-low-latency delay and reverb and with the same dynamics processing, EQ, high-pass filter, found in PreSonus’ StudioLive 16.0.2 mixer. It’s USB bus-powered; ruggedly built; features 2 combo mic/instrument inputs with premium, Class A XMAX™ mic preamplifiers; and comes with Studio One® Artist DAW.


PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL

The PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL. High-headroom XMAX™ mic preamplifiers; computer-based dynamics processing, semi-parametric EQ, high-pass filter, delay, and reverb; 2 combo mic/instrument inputs and 2 mic/line inputs; Studio One® Artist DAW software included.


PreSonus AudioBox iOne

PreSonus AudioBox iOne is a convenient, portable audio interface for Mac®, PC, and iPad® offers one mic input and one instrument input and lets you record anywhere.


PreSonus AudioBox iTwo

PreSonus AudioBox iTwo USB bus-powered; compatible with Apple iPad®; class-compliant for Mac®, Windows®, and iOS®; ruggedly built; high-performance, low-noise, Class A mic preamplifier; 2 combo mic-line/instrument inputs; MIDI I/O; comes with Studio One® Artist DAW software (Mac/Windows) and Capture™ Duo for iPad recording software, which provides wireless file transfer to Studio One.


PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Studio

PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Studio – Portable, bus-powered, 2-channel USB/iPad interface for Mac, Windows®, and iPad; powerful, easy-to-use DAW software; fast, simple recording software for iPad with wireless transfer to Studio One; large-diaphragm condenser mic; high-def headphones with semi-open sound chamber; cables; Nimbit® Free account; and Quick Start guide.


PreSonus AudioBox Music Creation Suite

PreSonus Music Creation Suite  – The most complete and affordable music creation package available: portable, bus-powered, 2-channel USB interface; easy-to-use DAW software and notation software; 49-key USB MIDI keyboard; powered USB hub; large-diaphragm condenser mic; headphones; cables.