Studio quality performance with the Intel® Haswell™ processor

A fast dual core processor allows you to capture your inspiration and brings out the best of your music, giving you more time to make more music.

Intel Technology Provider

Is this thing on?

Our special blend of cooling fans and power supply efficiency set the standard for a quiet and stable audio computer all year round.

Intel Processor Fan & Heatsink Quiet Power Supply.


Get the extra bit of confidence.

Real world testing scenarios that go beyond the benchmarks make Rok Box CR2 the perfect solution for the recording studio and the classroom.


ATI Radeon HD5450

See more of your projects and stay organized! Dual-head graphics cards allow you to hook up two screens and organize your DAW windows any way you please! 512MB of video memory make audio editing a breeze on multiple displays. Supports Dual-Link DVI for 2560×1600 screen resolution.

See More with More Displays


Up to Three drives for more storage

Smooth playback is what Rok Box CR 2 is all about. Rok Box CR 2 comes with up to three hard drives to keep your files streamlined and guarantee consistent results everyday.

More Drives. More Songs.

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