The Ultimate Upgrade - A new standard for PC performance has arrived - 6th Gen Intel

ROK BOX MC 10 Series

Rok Box MC Mobile 10 Laptops
Starting at $2299

Rok Box MC Mobile 10 Laptops

MC10 Desktop and 4U Rackmount Pro Audio PC
Starting at $1599

Rok Box MC 10 Desktops

Blazing fast, feature packed CPUs ready to take your productivity & creativity to the next level
Double Your Creativity

Double Your Creativity

A 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processor gives you 2x faster performance for editing your music, photos, or converting videos. Performance that you want to save time that you need.
Windows 10 Runs Best on 7th Gen Intel

Windows 10 Runs Best on 7th Gen Intel

Enabling new exciting Windows 10 features, the 7th generation Intel Core processors empower you to unleash your imagination and explore the possibilities.
Up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM, Solid State Drives & RAID Configurations

Tuned for Performance

We say it and we mean it. Over 200 Tweaks applied to your custom windows installation that will unlock the power of your system for music production. Your computer's firmware will be optimized to your needs, overclocked if you wish, and fine-tuned to give you great performance. Get up to an 80% improvement in performance over off-the-shelf PCs.

Experience Counts

Since 2000, PCAL computers have been built specifically for Audio and Video by our team of experts. We select and test each component to ensure that it will meet the demands of your production. Each computer is assembled with a focus on performance, noise reduction, proper airflow and durability. Then it is put through a series of burn in test and Quality Control ensuring your system arrives ready to Rok!

Rest Easy

Your PCAL computer is covered for as long as you have it with our top-notch phone and email support. If you ever have an issue, your PCAL technician is here to help!

Powered by OBEDIA

No one else in the industry offers our OBEDIA support and training with your computer. Need to learn that new EQ Plugin? Want to learn more about mixing? Call us and you'll be connected with an OBEDIA technician who will work with you, one on one, to train you in using your new hardware and software.

Ensure Flawless Operation

Don't waste your time searching for the latest drivers and updates. Let PCAudioLabs install them for you. Get three free installs then $25 per additional. Large Sound Libraries are $25 per install. Use the Request Customized Quote to let us know your setup or call for details.

Tom P - Indianapolis, IN
I recorded with my old pc for several years and could never get through a session without audio drop outs, glitches, etc.. I now have had several long sessions with your PC and it's been absolutely flawless, a real dream come true for me and my recording buddys. Thanks again for a great product and wonderful support.
Why Choose PCAudioLabs

Why Choose PCAudioLabs

Through years of working closely with the Grammy-winning producers, engineers, musicians, sound designers, post production professionals, composers and DJs, PCAudioLabs have built a pristine reputation of delivering the power, stability and support necessary to facilitate the world's leading productions.  Chances are, if you've heard it or seen it, PCAudioLabs and OBEDIA helped make it happen.
Designed for Work Flow

Designed for Work Flow

Rest assured, the Rok Box MC series is designed to accommodate many types of music software and music hardware. From multitrack recording to MIDI programming, to sample library streaming over a network, we've tried it all and can report that, Yes, it works well!
Powerful Intel® CPUs

Powerful Intel® CPUs

ROK BOX MC 10 with the latest powerful Intel® processors will change the way you make music by providing the power for more plugins and lower latency. Your music just got better with Intel®.