[accordion title=”Ground breaking performance with Intel’s® Core™i5 and i7 Processors.” style=”style3″] Intel’s®  Core™ processors sets the benchmark standard for audio processing, power and performance in a single processor design. [row] [one_third_column]

Integrated Memory Controller

New for the Core™ processor is a built in memory controller. Using two channels of DDR3 memory connected directly to the processor helps to lower latency, speed up rendering, reduce sample library load times, and improve overall system responsiveness. [/one_third_column] [one_third_column]

Fast, Efficient, Smart Cache

Cache is a smaller, faster memory inside the processor and it stores the most frequently used memory tasks. Rather than have a separate cache per processor, Smart Cache dynamically shares 100% of the total available cache with each processor to improve overall performance. [/one_third_column] [one_third_column]

Direct Media Interface 2.0 (DMI)

DMI is a very efficient point-to-point, bi-directional connection between the processor and the Z97 chipset, the hard drives, USB ports , PCI cards,  FireWire, network, and any other devices and peripherals connected to the computer. The Rok Box MC EX has a DMI speed of up to 20Gb/s. [/one_third_column] [/row] [row] [one_third_column] Intel Core i7 [/one_third_column] [one_third_column] Intel Smart Cache [/one_third_column] [one_third_column] DMI [/one_third_column] [/row] [/accordion] [accordion title=”Rok Box MC EX starting with 8GB  gives you all-access to more memory.” style=”style3″] [row] Windows 64-bit opens the door to using up to 32GB of system memory. Load up all the sounds you want and then add some more, just because you can. Memory

Your 64-bit instruments will thank you.

Virtual Instruments that use a file-based sound library work by loading the beginning of a sound into system memory. Complex sound libraries are capable of loading up to 300+ voices into memory. With up to 32GB of RAM the MC EX ensures that playback happens smoothly from the first note all the way up until the final fade out. [/row] [/accordion] [accordion title=”Dual Display Graphics.” style=”style3″] [row] See more of your projects and stay organized! Dual-head graphics cards allow you to hook up two screens and organize your DAW windows any way you please!

ATI Radeon HD5450

The power of the ATI Radeon HD 5450 graphics card with 1GB of video memory make audio editing a breeze on multiple displays. Supports Dual-Link DVI for 2560×1600 screen resolution. [/row] [row] [one_half_column] Dual Display Graphics [/one_half_column] [one_half_column] Dual Display Graphics [/one_half_column] [/row] [/accordion] [accordion title=”Hard Drive Storage. More Drives, More Songs.” style=”style3″] [row] Smooth playback is what Rok Box MC EX is all about. Rok Box MC EX comes with up to eight dedicated hard drives to keep your files streamlined and guarantee consistent results everyday. [/row] [row] [one_third_column] 500 GB [/one_third_column] [one_third_column] 1 TB [/one_third_column] [one_third_column] 1 TB [/one_third_column] [/row] [row] [one_third_column]

System Hard Drive

Windows  is installed to this hard drive. All software titles should be installed to this hard drive as well. [/one_third_column] [one_third_column]

Audio Hard Drive

Your music projects and all recorded audio files should be saved to this hard drive for best playback and recording results. [/one_third_column] [one_third_column]

Sample Library Hard Drive

Organize and store your sample libraries on this hard drive for efficient sample loading and maximum voice polyphony. [/one_third_column] [/row] [/accordion] [accordion title=”Full length PCIe and PCI cards. Yes, they fit.” style=”style3″] A case design with room for full length expansion cards like Pro Tools HD gives you the choice to use the tools you need to make music.

Enough wiggle room for the most demanding audio and DSP expansion cards.

Whether it’s a Pro Tools HD system or a TC Powercore card, Rok Box MC EX has what you need to get started and even more room to grow. PCIe / PCI [/accordion] [accordion title=”Quiet Operation. Is this thing on?” style=”style3″] [row] Our special blend of cooling fans and power supply set the standard for a quiet and stable  audio computer. So quiet, in fact, that you might not even notice it’s in the same room. [/row] [row] [one_third_column] Quiet Power Supply [/one_third_column] [one_third_column] Standard Chassis Fan [/one_third_column] [one_third_column] Intel Processor Fan & Heatsink [/one_third_column] [/row] [row] [one_third_column]

Quiet Power Supply

An solid performing power supply with the ability to consistently deliver power in a way that is both very quiet and very efficient. [/one_third_column] [one_third_column]

 Standard Chassis Fan

A standard quiet fan design keeps things cool on the inside  while maintaining a near silent speed all year round. [/one_third_column] [one_third_column]

Intel Processor Fan and Heatsink

A reference cooling design to match the Intel Core i7 processor’s thermal  characteristics ensures the best audio performance all year round. [/one_third_column] [/row] [/accordion] [accordion title=”Safe and Sound. The extra bit of confidence goes a long way.” style=”style3″] Real world testing scenarios that go beyond the benchmarks make Rok Box MC EX the ultimate off-the-shelf solution for basic recording, loops and virtual instruments. [row] [one_third_column]

Virtual Instruments

The native CPU power of the Intel Core i7 processor lets you load more instrument tracks than ever before without the need to freeze tracks. [/one_third_column] [one_third_column]


Record multiple takes with confidence, overdub vocals to create harmonies, layer rhythm guitars for a full sound.  Do it all with Rok Box EX. [/one_third_column] [one_third_column]

Loops and Some Sample Libraries

Enough RAM and storage to make a solid foundation for working with REX files, audio loops, as well as some sample instrument libraries. [/one_third_column] [/row] [row] [one_third_column] Virtual Instruments [/one_third_column] [one_third_column] Multitracking [/one_third_column] [one_third_column] Loops [/one_third_column] [/row] [/accordion] Choose Options and Configure Your PC

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