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Top 5 Reasons PCAudioLabs PCs are Better Than Other PC Builders (UPDATED 2022)

Top 5 Reasons PCAudioLabs PCs are Better Than Other PC Builders

It’s a common question; why is a PCAudioLabs computer better than other PC builders, such as an off-the-shelf PC?
There are myriad reasons, but let’s go through the top five:

No Bloatware, Adware, Trial Applications, or unneeded software.

Do you know why off-the-shelf PCs and computers are so cheap?

Pre-installed bloatware that is baked into your computer, that is hard to get rid of. Software companies rented out space on your hard drive, and you pay the price with less performance.  A non-tweaked for pro audio production version of Microsoft Windows, which has no focus on ensuring that nothing gets in the way of the power of your system.

Sub-par components that are cheap because they’re meant for office computers used to browse the web, not computers used to get real work done.

Better Support.

Call Dell or Alienware, HP, Lenovo, or any other PC manufacturer, and ask them to help you with a Pro Tools issue.
Not gonna happen.
Call PCAudioLabs, and we have a team dedicated to pro audio hardware and software, here to help with issues and training, via OBEDIA, our pro audio software and support training service. No one else has that. Our Team is all US based, and made up entirely of musicians, engineers, and technicians who understand pro audio hardware and software.

Better Components in your Pro Audio PC.

Dell, Alienware, HP, and etc. use proprietary hardware, which means you can’t replace or upgrade anything very easily.
We use industry-standard components which have been picked and tested for pro audio and video production. This means that they are highly compatible with your hardware and software and highly trusted in the industry.
Additionally, we test the components we use to build our Pro Audio PCs to ensure that they are compatible with DAW and NLE software and hardware — something that other PC builders do not do.

Cost and Performance

Other PCs are still expensive, and not made for pro audio production. Our systems are and are competitively-priced for the performance and stability needed for content creators.

Building your own Pro Audio PC isn’t always the way to go.

While there are plenty of options to build your own pro audio PC, you may find that the process is a headache, and you may end up spending your money on the wrong components.

We have a blog that outlines why it is better to have your Pro Audio PC built by an industry-standard pro audio PC builder like PCAudioLabs — click here to read it.


We are here to help you get the best pro audio PC.

PCAudioLabs prides itself on being an industry leader in the world of music production PCs, and has done so since 2000.

With a team to back you up, great components, and lifetime support, PCAudioLabs can build your Pro Audio PC and help you get back to creating.

We look forward to speaking to you!

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