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Dell or PCAudioLabs laptop for audio production?

Whose laptop is better for audio production; Dell, or PCAudioLabs?

Well, it’s a good thing you’ve chosen PCAudioLabs.

I say choose us, because, you definitely do not want to choose Dell.

DPC Latency: the bane of the producer.

Dell laptops are notorious for their issues with DPC latency, which is the bane of digital audio production. We’ve seen first-hand the many occasions in which DPC latency issues cannot be cleared up on Dell laptops due to hardware or driver issues. DPC latency means that you’re going to get dropouts, clicks, pops, and other issues while trying to make music.

Just today, I had a new customer call and lament that his Dell laptop was falling prey do DPC latency issues! When he called Dell to get help with the problem, he was told there was nothing to do about the DPC latency issues. He was left in the cold. Luckily, he can return that laptop, and get a PCAudioLabs laptop.

Support isn’t there

Dell support is also completely nil when it comes to pro audio — call Dell, and if you get a human being, ask them how they can help you with Ableton Live, or any other professional digital audio workstation– they won’t, because it’s not what they do. They don’t have a team of people who help you to make music on your PC.

We, however, are audio professionals. We have an all US based team of audio professionals offering free lifetime phone and email tech support for audio production with PCAudioLabs laptops. No one else offers that. Not even the big guys.

So, suffice to say, you’re in the right place.

Why PCAudioLabs is better

How is our laptop better? Well, firstly, Dell hardware is, as I say, problematic as all get-out when it comes to audio production.

Secondly, their hardware isn’t optimized for audio production. Ours is. RAM, Motherboard, GPU, CPU config — it’s all chosen and configured with one goal; audio production without issues.

Thirdly, we help you get every last bit of power out of that CPU and all the components around it.

Fourth, Dell packs your system with bloatware. We don’t. We optimize Windows for audio production and cut out the fluff. We do it so well, in fact, that Microsoft asked us to write a whitepaper on Windows 10 for pro audio.

Dell doesn’t do this, but we do this every day.

PCAudioLabs and our team know what a laptop needs in order to perform for audio production — Dell doesn’t have a team that cares about such things.

So, the choice in that case will be clear — go with a team who backs you up for the lifetime of the PC and your workflow (that’s us).

Questions? Call us. We’re here to help: 615-933-6775, dial 2, then 1.

We look forward to working with you.

Browse our entire line of pro audio PCs here.

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