Rendered Click in Ableton

Rendered Click in Ableton

Rendered Click in Ableton


This blog is part of our new series of tutorials based on the functions and features included in Ableton for Live Performance using background tracks.

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Rendered Click in Ableton

When we are working with background tracks, we might find ourselves in situations in which we did not create the tracks.

Perhaps there was a producer involved, and maybe they were not even coming from Ableton.

Maybe, they were produced in another software, with another metronome.

Sometimes, we even have clicks that change within the song, altering the tempo!

In these cases, chances are, the click will be given to you, rendered in audio.

So, how can we deal with an audio track that contains the click?

Let’s give it a shot!


  1. Open your Ableton Live set:

Rendered Click in Ableton



So here we can see we have several audio tracks:

  • KEYS
  • BASS

The “DRUMS” and “KEYS” tracks are routed to outputs 1-2, while the “BASS” is routed to output #3.


Now, what do we do with our click track?


2. Turn OFF the metronome from Ableton:

It is crucial to turn OFF the metronome from the program so we don’t hear it twice, specially if tempos are different.

You can do this by pressing the metronome box.

Rendered Click in Ableton



3. As a safety measure, pull down the level of the cue output, all the way.

Rendered Click in Ableton



So at this point, there is no way we can hear the metronome from Ableton.

Now we can route our metronome audio track!


4. Route the audio track containing the click to the desired output:

As we mentioned before, our only available output at this point is output #4, se we will route it there:

Rendered Click in Ableton



We can now press play and start the performance. Our audio track containing the click will be sent to the assigned output as expected.

And that is it for today!

Now you know how to work with a Rendered Click in Ableton.

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