Catch OBEDIA PCAudioLabs at Winter NAMM 2019! 2

Catch OBEDIA PCAudioLabs at Winter NAMM 2019!

Catch OBEDIA PCAudioLabs at Winter NAMM 2019!

We have some amazing news that we’re elated to share! This weekend, at the Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, CA, you can find OBEDIA PCAudioLabs doing all manner of great things!

Read our Press Release about our NAMM goings-on here.

Visit us in the PreSonus booth, where we’ll be showcasing our newly-updated PSc line of Pro Audio PCs.

Visit us in the Steinberg Booth, where we’ll be showing off a super-powerful MC X Pro Audio PC.

And, visit us for a special Keynote session on Saturday, January 26th,  in California Ballroom B at 11am with A3E, “Driving the Future of Music Production, Powered by Intel, With Special Guest Artist: BT“, where OBEDIA/PCAudioLabs’ Jayce Murphy and Brian Lorelle will be a part of this special Keynote event!

After the Keynote event, visit us for the A3E Workshop: Pro Audio Storage Workflow Workshop, Powered by PCAudioLabs and Intel Storage Technologies. 

The workshops take place on the 4th floor of The Hilton Hotel in room Avila B between 1pm and 3pm. We’ll be showcasing our new MC X Optane edition pro audio PC, and how we used it to author our latest whitepaper offering new insight for those artists in need of blazing speed when producing music on a PC!

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