OBEDIA/PCAudioLabs Present White Paper Case Study & Keynote at 2019 Winter NAMM

OBEDIA/PCAudioLabs Present White Paper Case Study & Keynote at 2019 Winter NAMM 1

OBEDIA/PCAudioLabs Present White Paper Case Study & Keynote at 2019 Winter NAMM

Nashville TN, January 16th, 2019 − Industry leader in PCs for Pro Audio and Digital Audio Training, OBEDIA/PCAudioLabs, announce a case study comparing sample-based plugin load times in pro audio applications.

The White Paper, authored by OBEDIA/PCAudioLabs CTO Brian Lorelle, gives insight to the benefits of utilizing blazing-fast Intel® Optane™ storage technology versus other forms of solid-state, NVME, and mechanical storage. Working with applications such as Steinberg Cubase, East West PLAY, and Native Instruments Kontakt, the case study illustrates the benefits to be had for those workflows that demand the fastest load times possible, allowing musicians to save time and money.

“Intel® Optane™ SSDs are built to deliver a new level of performance for the most demanding workloads. It has been a privilege to work with PCAudioLabs as they have evaluated the drives for inclusion in their audio production workstations. We’re thrilled that they have found value in Intel® Optane™ technology and the benefits it offers to their customer base of audio production professionals and enthusiasts.” states Jeff McLeod, director of Client Optane Solutions at Intel.

Jayce Murphy, CEO of OBEDIA/PCAudioLabs says, “We are known for quick adoption and integration of emerging technologies, so it’s a tremendous opportunity when we work directly with Intel® to test and demonstrate how their new tech can impact the workflow of computer recording musicians and audio professionals. The collaboration allows us to offer our clients verified cutting-edge performance.”

The White Paper and Case Study is available via the PCAudioLabs website and will presented at a A3E Keynote address at the Winter NAMM show, “Driving the Future of Music Production, Powered by Intel, With Special Guest Artist: BT”.  held in California Ballroom B from 11:00am – 12 pm on Saturday, January 26th, 2019.

The Keynote will be followed up the same day with a workshop, “Pro Audio Storage Workflow, Powered by PCAudioLabs and Intel® Storage Technologies”. The workshop will be held on the 4th floor of The Hilton Hotel in room Avila B from 1pm – 3pm. This workshop will allow interested parties to see the performance benefits in detail.

Both the Keynote address and Workshop are free for NAMM attendees, but registration at the A3E website is suggested: http://www.a3exchange.com/anaheim_2019.html

In addition, PCAudioLabs is proud to announce the new ROK BOX MC X Optane Edition. The latest in the ROK BOX line features Intel® Optane™ storage and CPUs. For those composers, musicians, and producers looking to get the fastest and most reliable Pro Audio PC on the market, the new ROK BOX MC X Optane™ Edition PC delivers!

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