The following is an overview of the BIOS update and steps necessary. Please note; updating your BIOS is not suggested, and not needed in most conditions. Please do NOT use any third-party BIOS files for your laptop — if you do, it will void your warranty. Please ONLY use BIOS files sent to you by PCAL. In


While in LA recently, I (Brian) was asked by someone what made a PCAL laptop better than an Apple laptop. I was at a Drum N’ Bass show, speaking to artists about what they needed/wanted in a laptop. Now real quick; that should tell you something about what we do. I like to go to

  The PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 Digital Performance Mixer is a great digital mixer for usage in a studio or in a live recording and mixing setup. Watch our video walk-through as we show you how you can connect it to a PCAudioLabs Pro Audio PC using Thunderbolt!   The PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 A great-sounding, rack-mountable (optional)

Justin Lassen PCAudioLabs

Justin Lassen is a musician, composer, remixer, producer and Sound Designer. Justin takes some time out today to talk to OBEDIA/PCAudioLabs about how his brand-new PCAudioLabs MC EX Special Edition Pro Audio Computer has changed his workflow and helped him create awesome music. In this video we’ll showcase the PCAudioLabs MC EX SE pro audio

PCAudioLabs Supports Windows 10

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PCAudioLabs supports windows 10

We are proud to announce that PCAudioLabs Supports Windows 10! PCAudioLabs has always been on the forefront of new operating systems and hardware.  We were the first pro audio builder to offer Windows 8, and the first to offer Haswell-E Processors, and now, we’re the first to offer Windows 10. None of our competitors can

How to upgrade to Windows 10

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how to upgrade to windows 10

How to upgrade to Windows 10 and what to consider first  It’s July 29th, and Windows 10 is rolling out to anyone who would like it.  It’s free, and it represents a shift in the paradigm of Windows as an operating system. If you’d like to read about how Windows 10 could affect you as

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PCAL win 10 pro audio compatibility list

Herein you will  find a list of Pro Audio developers we’ve been tracking as they release information about compatibility with Windows 10. If you know of something we do not have listed here, please contact us! For our findings on Windows 10 for Pro Audio, look here: For information on how to upgrade to Windows

new macbook not for musicians

Apple has just announced a new line of flashy Macbooks that come in different colors and lack most everything that a pro musician needs. Here are the reasons you won’t be using Macbooks for pro audio and should consider a pro audio laptop from PCAudioLabs instead. There’s ONE port on it  That’s right, the new Macbook

Audio PC Black Friday Sale

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We’ve got your audio PC black friday pro audio PC deal right here:

OBEDIA 10 year Anniversary

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10 years of OBEDIA

10 years of taming technology for musicians, engineers, and Industry leading software and hardware companies. In celebration of the OBEDIA 10-year anniversary, call in and mention this promotion code to receive 50% off remote desktop session bundles up to 120 minutes through 12/31/14 Promo Code: OB10Years Call 323.319.4051 to take advantage of this special offer.  Pair your