Dark Mode in Pro Tools 2

Dark Mode in Pro Tools

Dark Mode in Pro Tools!


This blog is part of our new series of tutorials based on the new features included in the latest update of Avid Pro Tools

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Dark Mode in Pro Tools

Okay so we have all gotten there at this point, right?

If you are on Windows, or macOS, you know that the latest updates included the incredible “Dark Mode” or “Dark Theme”.

This new set of window colors and palettes, looks indeed darker, letting us work at night for longer hours without feeling necessarily tired by looking at the screen.

Now, it did not just stay on Windows and macOS, this new feature was also added to all kinds of DAWs, including Avid Pro Tools.

So let’s go ahead and learn how to enable this.


1. Open or create a new Pro Tools session:

Dark Mode in Pro Tools


As you can see, this session has the standard or classic Pro Tools color scheme or theme.


2. From the top menu bar click on: Pro Tools -> Preferences:

Dark Mode in Pro Tools



The Preferences window will open as:

Dark Mode in Pro Tools



4. Click on the “Display” tab:

Dark Mode in Pro Tools



The Display tab options will open as:

Dark Mode in Pro Tools



5. Locate the “Basics” area:

Dark Mode in Pro Tools



6. Locate the “UI Theme” option:

Dark Mode in Pro Tools



7. Click on “Classic” and the drop-down list will open as:

Dark Mode in Pro Tools



8. Select “Dark”:

Pro Tools will change to Dark mode as:

Dark Mode in Pro Tools



9. Press “OK” to save changes:

Dark Mode in Pro Tools



And that is it!

Now you have switched Pro Tools to Dark Mode.

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