Export Audio Clip in Pro Tools 2

Export Audio Clip in Pro Tools

Export Audio Clip in Pro Tools


This blog is part of our new series of tutorials based on the features included in Avid Pro Tools

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Export Audio Clip in Pro Tools

Pro Tools has several ways to get audio files from a session so you can share them with other musicians, producers and engineers.

You can print audio, bounce mixes, commit and all kinds of procedures like that.

However, you can also simply export an audio clip that you have selected, with its raw audio material.

Let’s see how that is done.


1. Open a Pro Tools session:

Export Audio Clip in Pro Tools



It is easy to see how this session contains a single “BASS” track with two audio clips.

Export Audio Clip in Pro Tools



Let’s say you want to export only the audio clip on the right, meaning that you want to export a single audio file that contains only the information and length of that individual clip.


2. Click on the right audio clip to select it:

It will get highlighted as:

Export Audio Clip in Pro Tools



3. Open the clips list on the right:

Export Audio Clip in Pro Tools


Note how the audio clip that we have selected in the Edit Window appears to be selected in the Clips list as:

Export Audio Clip in Pro Tools



4. Right click on the selected clip from the clips list:

The following options will appear as:

Export Audio Clip in Pro Tools



5. Click on “Export Clips as Files”:

The following screen will show as:

Export Audio Clip in Pro Tools


From this window we can select the file type to be exported, format, bit depth, sample rater and location for the file.

In this case, Pro Tools will evaluate the Audio Clip that you have selected, create a new audio file with the previous specs and render it at the desired location.

You can then share this with any other engineer, producer or musician in order to perhaps add it to another session.


6. Press “Export” to render the file:

The file will be created and placed at the desired location.

The Export Selected window will be closed as:

Export Audio Clip in Pro Tools


And that is it!

You have now learned how to Export Audio Clip in Pro Tools

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