Fader Flip in Studio One 6.1

Fader Flip in Studio One 6.1

Fader Flip in Studio One 6.1


This blog is part of our new series of tutorials based on the new features included in the latest update of PreSonus Studio One 6.1

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Fader Flip

Have you ever used the “sends on fader” function of a live sound console?

Isn’t that simply perfect when dialing effects and sending signals to monitors?

The fact of being able to use the actual faders to control how much signal we send to a bus, instead of a small knob, makes it more precise and easy to work!

Fortunately, Studio One has this function too! And it is called “Fader Flip”.

When we engage the Fader Flip function, the position of the fader stops controlling the volume (momentarily) and actually designates the amount of signal sent to a desired bus.

For the purpose of this tutorial we will demonstrate this with a reverb bus and a delay bus!

Let’s give it a shot!


  1. Open or create a new Studio One song:

As it can be seen, we have four tracks, a reverb return and a delay return, each with its associated send.

Fader Flip in Studio One 6.1



If we want to control the amount of signal being sent to the effects, we could use the small horizontal fader sends:

Fader Flip in Studio One 6.1


But for some people, this might be a bit confusing and hard to control, specially when you have multiple sends!

So, let’s go ahead and flip those faders!


2. Click the “Activate Fader Flip” button:

It will light up in green indicating it is ON:

Fader Flip in Studio One 6.1



3. Click on the small arrow next to the Activate Fader Flip button:

The following dropdown list will show as:

Fader Flip in Studio One 6.1


From here we can select which send to control! As you can see, the Reverb send is selected.


4. Go back to the console and locate the faders:

Fader Flip in Studio One 6.1



As you can see, the actual green faders, are controlling the same signal from the sends!


5. Use the green faders to adjust your Reverb sends:

Fader Flip in Studio One 6.1



6. Repeat step #3 to select the Delay send:

The green faders now control the Delay send:

Fader Flip in Studio One 6.1



7. Use the green faders to adjust your Delay sends:

Fader Flip in Studio One 6.1



8. And finally, remember to quit the fader flip function, by clicking again on the Fader Flip button:

Fader will now control the signal sent to the master bus, again.

Fader Flip in Studio One 6.1



And that is it! Now you know how to use Fader Flip in Studio One 6.1!

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