How to Create a New Project in Steinberg Cubase

How to Create a New Project in Steinberg Cubase

How to Create a New Project in Steinberg Cubase

In this blog, we will talk about how to create a new project in Steinberg Cubase.

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Prefer a video walkthrough of how to create a new Steinberg Cubase Project? Watch here:

Creating a New Project in Steinberg Cubase

If this is your very first time using Steinberg Cubase, you have come to the right place, and you have found the right tutorial on How to Create a New Project in Steinberg Cubase!

As every single piece of audio software, the very first step is to create a new project.

Cubase projects store all your song information, audio files, MIDI files, and all the associated files of your production in a folder hierarchy style.

So, the first operation you have to learn, is how to create a new Project in Steinberg Cubase.

Here we go!

1. Double click on the Cubase icon on your computer:

How to Create a New Project in Steinberg Cubase 1

2. The program will start loading as:

New Project in Cubase


3. The Steinberg Hub window will open as:

New Project in Cubase


4.  The Steinberg Hub window will show several areas such as:

  • News: This area of the window will show news regarding Steinberg products.

New Project in Cubase


  • Projects:

    This area will show presets for different style of projects that you could select, that include certain amount of preconfigured tracks and returns.

New Project in Cubase


  • Settings:

    This are lets you set the location for the project folder to be stored as well as its name.

New Project in Cubase


5. For the purpose of this tutorial, on the Projects area click on: “More”.

New Project in Cubase


6. Click on “Empty”:

New Project in Cubase


7. At the Settings area below, change the name to “My Project”:

New Project in Cubase


8. Click on “Create…”:

Cubase will prompt for the location of the project. You can select your preferred hard drive.

New Project in Cubase


9. Click on “Select Folder”:

And BOOM! You have now created your first Cubase project!

New Project in Cubase


You can now see your Cubase Project. It contains no tracks (yet), because we opened the “Empty” preset.

And that is how to Create a New Project in Steinberg Cubase.

We hope you found this tutorial on How to Create a New Project in Steinberg Cubase helpful!

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