My Thunderbolt device is not recognized on my PCAudioLabs PC

If your Thunderbolt device isn’t recognized on your PCAL pro audio PC, there are some troubleshooting steps to check.

First, check that your Thunderbolt add-in card is properly installed in the correct PCIe slot on your motherboard. You can do this by opening your PCAL system and looking at the motherboard.
In MC X systems, your Thunderbolt add-in card should be installed in PCIe slot #2 on your motherboard. If it is not, please contact us.
A cable should run from the card to the motherboard to connect it. If  you do not see this cable, please contact us.
Confirm this, first. If there are any issues, contact us.
Boot the system and enter the BIOS by pressing the DEL key repeatedly while booting. This will boot the system into the BIOS and firmware setup on the system.
From here, Navigate to the tab labeled Advanced, and then to the option labeled Intel Thunderbolt.
Ensure that TBT is enabled here via the pulldown menu/
If it is not, enable it.
If it is, select save/exit from the save/exit tab, and boot into Windows.
Then when Windows boots, hit start and type Thunderbolt. Click to load the found application.
The TBT control panel shows next to the clock in the taskbar. Right click on it, and Then click “Manage approved devices”.
Now, power on your Thunderbolt device. The device should be identified by the software and ask you to connect to it, with a pulldown menu. Select the option, “Always connect”, and hit OK.
The device should connect to Thunderbolt.
If this does not work, please call us: 615-933-6775, dial 2, then 2.