MC m10

PCAudioLabs vs. MacBook

We get asked a lot about PCAudioLabs vs. MacBook laptops.

Well, let’s answer those questions, shall we?

What Makes a PCAudioLabs laptop better than a MacBook?

Better Hardware with More Options  

You will get a LOT more in a PCAL laptop than you will  in a MacBook. PCAudioLabs laptops support better processors (including the latest 4GHz Intel 6600K latest series Skylake processors – Macs don’t have those), more RAM (Up to 64GB, Apple can’t beat that), more hard drives (up to four in most of our systems, can’t do that in a Mac), and better I/O setups (One USB port on a Mac? Sort of laughable) with more USB ports, thunderbolt, eSATA, and more.

For lots of power in a sleek design, check out the PCAudioLabs MC m7s Pro Audio Laptop:

MC m7s Pro Audio Laptop
MC m7s Pro Audio Laptop


For the most power, go to the MC m10, with more power than the top-end MacBook in its stock configuration:
The PCAudioLabs MC m10 Pro Audio Laptop.

Better Support than Apple

Additionally, our support is better than even Apple can provide.  If you have a question about Steinberg Cubase, Avid Pro Tools, Ableton Live, or other applications, on your mac, call Apple, or go into an Apple store, and ask for help; they won’t help you, they don’t specialize in that.  Maybe if you use Logic, you’ll get some help, but we don’t all use Logic, right?  Call us and you get one on one training and tech support 7 days a week from OBEDIA, in all major digital audio applications.

Have a problem?  Call PCAudioLabs at 818-986-2673. Don’t crawl through a phone tree; press one key, get connected to a human being. Apple doesn’t do that.

You can read more about OBEDIA here:


We’ve been doing this for over 14 years, so we know what creatives need on their computers.  Apple, well, they don’t so much care anymore, from what we’ve seen.  OS X El Capitan is breaking audio applications and compatibility, new MacBooks are extremely expensive and offer very little in the box, and Apple clearly thinks that you should make music on an iPad now.  We don’t all do that, nor do we want to do that — you need  a real computer to make real music on.

PCAudioLabs, on the other hand, makes powerful, complete production systems, with great support, and, we consulted with Microsoft on what Windows 10 needed for creatives.  As a result, we have a sleek, fast, powerful system that will support you and your needs as a creative.

Yes, PCAudioLabs Laptops are just as stable as MacBooks 
For a long time, musicians were sold Macs under the premise that Macs were more stable than Windows computers. We’re here to tell you that is not the truth.  A PCAudioLabs laptop is just as stable as a MacBook, if not more so.  Why?  Because it is built and tested specifically for pro audio and video applications.  Each PCAL system is tested for these purposes and configured as such. We stress-test each system for pro audio production, and we know they will stand up to what you need to do – whether it be DJing, Studio Production, or Live Recording, a PCAudioLabs Laptop can do everything you need, and do it with power and stability.

We tweak Windows 10 and all  other Windows operating systems for pro audio and video production, which mean that you get the most power out of your pro audio laptop.  You get specialized, personal attention to your workflow, that you will not ever get from a MacBook. or from Apple.

All of this gives you a real musician’s computer that is meant for one thing; being creative.

To get started with a real music computer, call us today: 818-986-2673, or browse our entire product line here on our website.