PCAudioLabs vs. MacBook

Sunday, 08 November 2015 by
MC m10

We get asked a lot about PCAudioLabs vs. MacBook laptops. Well, let’s answer those questions, shall we? What Makes a PCAudioLabs laptop better than a MacBook? Better Hardware with More Options   You will get a LOT more in a PCAL laptop than you will  in a MacBook. PCAudioLabs laptops support better processors (including the latest 4GHz

PCAudioLabs MC7x pro audio computer opened

Buy or build a Pro Audio Computer?  One of the questions we get most often is, “Why should I buy a pro audio computer, when I could just build one myself”?  We’re going to give you some insight to this question. If you are comfortable building a computer, it can be an easier task than

MC Z RyZen Rackmount digital audio computer pro audio computer

TOP 5 REASONS IT’S TIME TO UPGRADE A MUSIC COMPUTER By Brian, PCAudioLabs It’s your one day off, you sit down to make some music, and boom, your computer crashes. Then you start to think; how long have I had this thing? When you get that feeling, it’s time to look at a new music computer.

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How to boot to UEFI in Windows 8 To enter the UEFI BIOS settings on some computers, such as laptops, you will need to boot to the BIOS from the Windows 8 operating system. NOTE: On Windows 7 machines, the UEFI is accessed by tapping the F2 (on laptops) or the DEL Key (on desktops)