My PCAL OB-1 X99 Haswell based computer says Boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible (Windows 7)

If you get this message on your PCAL system running Windows 7, it means that something is wrong with your boot settings.  Try the following:
Find your Windows 7 repair disk CD, included with your computer.  Put it in the CDrom and boot the system. The system should auto-start from the disk. When it loads, it will show you repair options for your computer.  Windows may say that it found issues with your boot settings and would like to fix them. Say yes to this.
Allow it to do this, reboot, start from the disk again, and continue to do this until it says it cannot find issues. Then reboot with the CD out and see if it boots.
If it does not — the boot settings might be incorrect in the BIOS.  Do the following: 
– Boot the computer and press the DEL key repeatedly until you get into a screen which reads UEFI BIOS settings.
– Press F2 to enter the advanced settings.
– Use your mouse to navigate to the last option on the top left – save and exit.
– Here, choose load profiles, and select to load the profile named PCAL.
– Click save and exit, and reboot.
– See if the computer boots.
If it does not: 
– Follow steps 1-3 from the previous instructions
– In the save and exit menu, select “load optimized defaults”
– Click save and exit
– Reboot, see if the system boots.
If the system continues to not boot, You may need to re-image the computer using the PCAL restore image included with the computer.  Instructions on how to do this are included with your computer.
If you require support, please call PCAL at 818-986-2673