Strum Patterns in the New Studio One 5.5

Strum Patterns in the New Studio One 5.5

What’s new on the latest version of Studio One 5.5? Creating Strum Patterns!


This blog is part of our new series of tutorials based on the new features included in the latest update of PreSonus Studio One 5.5

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Strum Patterns in Studio One 5.5

We have all programmed a virtual instrument right?

Now, have you tried to program a guitar?

You cant treat it like a keyboard for example, simply because they aren’t played the same way.

When you play a keyboard on a piano, you hit several keys at the same time.

When you play a chord on a guitar, you are actually playing note by note, string by string, but pretty fast.

Studio One 5.5 has added a new feature that lets us simply

So basically you have a couple tracks, and you can snap the ending of one track to the ending of the other one, wherever it ends, no need to follow a grid!

This will make your editing and overall timeline look better!

Let’s try it!



  1. Open or create a new Studio One Song:

For the purpose of this tutorial we have a Song that contains an instrument track:

Strum Patterns in the New Studio One 5.5



2. Open the Piano Roll:

Strum Patterns in the New Studio One 5.5



3. Draw a simple triad chord:

Strum Patterns in the New Studio One 5.5



4. Select the Split Tool:

Strum Patterns in the New Studio One 5.5



5. Select all notes of the chord:

Strum Patterns in the New Studio One 5.5



5. Now, while holding Control and Alt, click and drag either the top or bottom notes of the triad:

Strum Patterns in the New Studio One 5.5



Note how Studio One dragged the top note the most to the right, the middle note just a bit, and the lowest note it didn’t even move!

This has been done on purpose to recreate the “Strumming” pattern you would have in a guitar.

The lowest note hits first, then the mid note and last the highest note.

If you playback this, you will hear one after the other.

You can experiment with the distance between these notes once dragging them, in order to increase or reduce even more the strumming effect.


And that is it!

Now you know how to create Strum Patterns in Studio One 5.5!

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