What is new in Ableton Live 10.1? (PART 1)

Ableton Live has officially released their latest 10.1 update (free for all Live 10 users). On this tutorial we will present the new features added to this important update. The list will be divided into two blog entries, this is the first part.

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Live 10.1 give their users new tools and features to support the creative process, from making and shaping sound to editing and finalizing the production. Some of these added features were:

1. User wave-tables: Users can now import their own wave-tables or samples from their library into the Wavetable’s 0scillator section.

Wavetable oscillator section. Picture taken from the Ableton Live official website.

2. Channel EQ: A brand-new audio effect that provides an equalizer with curves and gain ranges that are suitable for a vast amount of material. The shape of the filters adapt based on how controls are set by the user in order to provide musical results. Mid-frequency band is sweepable.

Channel EQ audio effect. Picture taken from the Ableton Live official website.



3. Delay: Another brand-new audio effect has been created called “Delay”, which combines the previous “Simple Delay” and “Ping Pong” into a single interface, featuring the classic “ping pong” effect, as well as Jump, Fade-In and Pitch controls, which can all be accessed from the front panel of the device.

Delay audio effect. Picture taken from the Ableton Live official website.

4. New automation features: A new set of automation shapes have been added where users can choose from, as well as the ability to stretch and compress the automation, enter values with the numerical keypad, and easier access to clip modulation and automation in Session View.

New automation shapes. Picture taken from the Ableton Live website.

We hope this series on the new features included in Ableton Live 10.1 was useful, for more questions please contact us.

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