How to use Audio Event Volume in Studio One

The following tutorial shows the user a basic overview of How to use Audio Event Volume in Studio One.

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All Digital Audio Workstations give their users the possibility of modifying the output of a track with a fader, and even automating it. However, these level differences occur after all the inserts, therefore these changes do not affect the behavior of the inserts. Studio One 4 lets the engineer modify the level of each audio event individually (pre-inserts), ultimately changing the way these signals affect the inserts that are applied on the track.

This tutorial will present a basic overview of how to modify the audio event volume in Studio One 4:

  1. Open a Studio One 4 song with at least 1 track that contains audio information:
Audio Event Volume in Studio One 4
The picture above shows a Studio One 4 Song with an audio track.

It is easy to see, the Studio One 4 song contains a single audio track labeled as “Piano”. This track has two contiguous audio events.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will change the volume of the second audio event.



2.   Click on the second audio event to select it. It should appear highlighted:

Audio Event Volume in Studio One 4



3. Locate the small light blue square located at the top center of the audio event:

Audio Event Volume in Studio One 4


Zooming in, it is easier to see:

Audio Event Volume in Studio One 4



4. Click on this small light blue square, and drag up or down in order to boost or reduce  the audio clip volume:

For the purpose os this tutorial we will drag down in order to reduce the volume:

Audio Event Volume in Studio One 4


It is easy to see how the signal graph appears to be visually “smaller” because we have reduced its volume. Also, the audio event’s volume line appears lower, indicating the volume has been reduced.


Zooming out it is easier to see the difference between both audio events:

Audio Event Volume in Studio One 4



If the user pressed the play butto, the track will playback, the audible differences between both audio events will be obvious. This volume difference has been done pre-inserts, therefore it will affect the way inserts react.


At this point we have successfully explained How to use Audio Event Volume in Studio One. The tutorial has now ended.


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