PCAudioLabs supports windows 10

PCAudioLabs Supports Windows 10

We are proud to announce that PCAudioLabs Supports Windows 10!

PCAudioLabs has always been on the forefront of new operating systems and hardware.  We were the first pro audio builder to offer Windows 8, and the first to offer Haswell-E Processors, and now, we’re the first to offer Windows 10. None of our competitors can say that!

If you are considering a new PCAudioLabs computer, you can now choose Windows 10 as your operating system in our super easy to use build configuration systems — something our competition (is there such a thing?) can’t match!

If you want to wait, that’s fine, too! You can get Windows 8, and get a free upgrade for up to a year from now.

If you own a PCAudioLabs computer, you may have seen the Get Windows 10 icon show up in your dock.  If you did, you should be able to upgrade, but please, follow our instructions outlined here first. 

PCAudioLabs was proud to consult with Microsoft on the needs of Pro Audio and digital Musicians for Windows 10. You can read our findings in our blog post outlining Windows 10 for Pro Audio right here: http://pcaudiolabs.com/windows-10-for-pro-audio/

We have found that Windows 10 offers a very efficient operating system, new benefits for pro audio and MIDI, reduced latency, and better CPU and RAM handling and scheduling.

We have not been able to test every setup possible — therefore, we advise you to back up your system before doing any upgrades.  If you need help with that, you can always call us! You can see our list of pro audio developers that have released their findings on Windows 10 here: http://pcaudiolabs.com/windows-10-pro-audio-compatibility-list/

We hope that you are enjoying Windows 10.  We would like to tip our hats to Microsoft on a great release, and we are looking forward to the future of this new OS!