New Members-Only OBEDIA tutorial: Getting Started In Pro Tools OBEDIA subscribers now have access to new Members-only video content, including part one of our Getting Started with Pro-Tools Series. You’ll be able to learn the ins and outs of Pro Tools with OBEDIA, and, as an OBEDIA subscriber, you can call us to get one-on-one training

How to fix missing files in PreSonus Studio One In this video, we explore the dreaded “missing files” window in Studio One. We walk through common scenarios where a user would encounter this window and how to find the best solution to maintain file organization, make sure your sessions are complete, and above all make

  The PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 Digital Performance Mixer is a great digital mixer for usage in a studio or in a live recording and mixing setup. Watch our video walk-through as we show you how you can connect it to a PCAudioLabs Pro Audio PC using Thunderbolt!   The PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 A great-sounding, rack-mountable (optional)

  The Steinberg UR22 USB Audio Interface is a pro audio interface from Steinberg that offers 2 in and 2 out with easy setup for recording. It simply plugs into your computer via USB, and you’re good to go! It even comes with Steinberg Cubase to get you started, and works with all major DAW

In this tutorial, I am going to focus on some basic, but very useful keyboard shortcuts in Studio One, that enable you to navigate within individual Tracks and access the Solo, Mute, Monitor and Record buttons. As well as the show envelopes function, moving backward and forwards between Tracks and Track Heights.   Keyboard Shortcuts covered include: Track Solo On/Off: S Track Mute On/Off: M Thanks to the new instant hitpoint navigation function, you can now “tab to transients” when working with audio events in the Project window. Hitpoints are automatically calculated in the background as soon as audio material is recorded or imported into the Project window.    As of version 7.x, Cubase can detect hitpoints, or musically